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About Us

Unique, timeless, treasures are what pull a living space together, and Marvie Giordano, owner of The Consignment Gallery, feels strongly the same philosopy can be applied to pull together a dedicated staff.

"What's important to me is the energy and experience we provide the customers. A big reason we've done so well is because of our staff. They are upbeat, hard workers and everyone contributes with their own areas of expertise."

Unique, timeless decor

It's been twelve and a half years since Marvie, a mother of two who discovered a love for eclectic home furnishings on a trip to California, took the plunge and decided to bring the up-and-coming consignment concept to Calgary.

"It was about taking my own path," she says, noting a lack of capital and business experience didn't stop her.

"I put some of my own furniture and accessories in the store and then went door-to-door handing out scrolled flyers."

Her homemade strategy paid off and, before she knew it, her first television commercial was on the air. The customers were lined up outside her small store, embracing the new concept.

"That was the moment I felt I could really do this," says Marvie, who had traded furniture for the advertising services that gave her the break she needed.

"We really went out on a limb back then, and it definitely paid off."

In those twelve and a half years, The Consignment Gallery has grown from a mere 3,600 sq. ft. to a brighter, more sophisticated location more than five times its original size.

This has allowed the Gallery to accept more quality furnishings, from contemporary to antiques, with many coming from around the globe.

"Due to new pieces arriving daily, and creative changes to the showroom, people come back regularly to look for their new treasures," says Marvie.

Staff - Christmas 2008
The Consignment Gallery family

She credits her staff, who are like family, for contributing unique and personal experiences and outlooks, and calls them the key to the success of The Consignment Gallery.

Together they continue to be the trendsetting shopping experience in this growing and evolving city.

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