About us

2023 Consumer Choice Award

Consumer Choice Award has awarded Consignment Gallery as Calgary & Southern Alberta Area's BEST Furniture Retailers company.

High-End Furniture and Home Décor

Be pleasantly surprised when you walk into our showroom and discover everything from one-of-a-kind antiques to modern and unique accent furnishings to personalize your living space. It’s like walking into a brand new store every time!

Our showroom feels very much like home, and many of our customers will tell you that they use us for design inspiration and planning their next home makeover. We believe in displaying simple, yet beautiful arrangements to best serve our customers’ needs and inspirations. Our sales and design staff are friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. We will work with you to create the room of your dreams!


The Consignment Gallery have successfully built our business on the relationships and trust of our clients. We aspire to create significant partnerships with all of our clients and consignors – who we view more as friends and family.

We share a passion for gorgeous and eclectic, consignment furniture and believe in adding a personal touch to the experience of browsing our gallery. We take pride in being the most exciting and fun furniture store in Calgary!


Our philosophy at The Consignment Gallery is to allow our customers to browse freely and at their own pace, though a helpful staff member is never far away to assist you! We invite you to grab a tea or coffee and explore the many treasures that await you.

Discover unique furniture, luxury antiques and other beautifully crafted pieces that will fit seamlessly into your home at The Consignment Gallery. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your next home design project.

Our Story

“It was about taking my own path,”

It’s been over twenty years since Marvie, single mother of two, took the plunge and decided to bring the up-and-coming furniture consignment concept to Calgary after discovering the stores of California.

“I put some of my own furniture and accessories in the store and then went door-to-door handing out scrolled flyers.”

Her homemade strategy paid off and, before she knew it, her first television commercial was on the air. The customers were lined up outside her small store, embracing this new and exciting idea.

“That was the moment I felt I could really do this,” says Marvie, who had traded furniture for the advertising services that gave her the break she needed.

“We really went out on a limb back then, and it definitely paid off.”

In the two decades since its creation, The Consignment Gallery has grown from a mere 3,600 sq. ft. to a brighter, more sophisticated location more than five times its original size.

“What’s important to me is the energy and experience we provide the customers. A big reason we’ve done so well is because of our team. They are helpful, inspired individuals and everyone contributes with their own areas of expertise.”

Future Growth

Kathryn Giordano, Marvie’s daughter, came onto team at a very young age. Kathryn has grown up with and worked at The Consignment Gallery for over 13 years, involved in every aspect of its operations. Through her time and experience at the store, and bringing youthful and trendy insights, Kathryn has become an asset for future growth and opening up new markets to continue the success of The Consignment Gallery in a changing economy. Kathryn has a keen eye for quality and was trained by the best – her mother!

The Giordano’s credit their staff, who are like family, for contributing unique and personal experiences and outlooks, and considers them key to the success of The Consignment Gallery.

Together they continue to be the trendsetting shopping experience in the growing and evolving city of Calgary.