FAQ's for Consignors

We will consign your furniture or other home décor, based on three characteristics: quality, style, and condition. We pride ourselves in only consigning well maintained furniture and other home décor. If you’d like to consign with us, please see our sellers page regarding how you can bring in items to be viewed (or how we can come to you!). If you’ve never consigned before, we’d love to help make it easy for you. Just contact us and we can get you started.

Your items are consigned to us for a 90-day period. Most of our inventory sells faster than that, but some particular pieces require longer exposure in our showroom, as styles and demand changes regularly. Don’t fret if your furnishings don’t sell immediately. We signed an agreement with you because we believe that someone else will enjoy having them in their home. We will continue to promote your items at a lower price (see below).

We do our best to display and promote your pieces in our gallery and on our social media channels. In our experience, items that are priced correctly and are desirable sell quickly from our showroom. In the event that your items aren’t sold within the first 30 days, we will mark down the items by 10%, and again after 60 days. If items have not sold within 90 days, they may be marked down up to 50% off. At that point, If your consigned items have not sold, we will contact you to see if you would like to pick up your pieces or have them donated to a charity in Calgary, at no cost to you.

Once we sign an agreement, it is up to the consignor to check in on their account to see if their furniture or other home décor pieces have been sold and whether a check is available.
Please call us to find out if your items have sold, or if you have any additional questions we can assist you with.

The Consignment Gallery sets all of the prices on our consigned furniture and other home décor. Our experience and knowledge of the market helps us price fairly for both consignor and customer. We work hard to get you the best possible price for your piece while keeping a fair and competitive price for buyers. All Items remain yours until they sell.

Our pricing formula takes into consideration the condition of your home furnishings, quality of construction, age, manufacturer, brand, original price, where it was purchased, style, colour, and demand for the item in the marketplace.

Yes, we always have an open discussion with our consignors when setting the price on your items. Our pricing is honest and reflects current market trends and industry pricing standards. Our expertise ensures that it is in both the consignors and The Consignment Gallery’s best interest for us to set the selling price of your furniture.

Payment is ready to pick up on the 16th of the proceeding month for when the item was sold. Payments under $25 are not issued; they will be added to your payment when another item sells from your account. Feel free to contact us to discuss this further if you have any questions, or to see if your items have sold.

Yes! We can mail you a cheque if that is more convenient for you. However, it will be at the consignor’s own discretion. There are some variables that can delay payment receipt (e.g.: postal delays). You may opt to use Xpress Post, which is available at an additional cost incurred, provided the address is within Canada.

If you are moving or live outside of Canada, please contact us to discuss other options.

We consign a broad range of styles from many different periods. We’ve carried modern couches to vintage sofas, and contemporary to antique dining sets and everything in between.
If you want more information on whether your furnishings or accessories would be a good fit to consign with us, please contact us to discuss.

We pride ourselves on only carrying top quality lightly used home furnishings. The furniture you are looking to sell should be in good to mint condition. We evaluate your based on condition, style and quality of the piece. You are responsible to ensure all of your items are clean, free of stains and free of odours.

The Consignment Gallery will arrange for our professional moving team to pick up your furniture from your home, and deliver it directly to our showroom. Pricing varies based on location and time for a pick-up and will incur additional fees if the address is located outside of Calgary. Consignors can also choose to drop off their merchandise weekdays between 10am-4pm. We request that you call us prior to this so we have a furniture mover available to assist you.

After delivery, our professional decorator arranges the pieces in our 18,600 sq ft. showroom along with many other high quality consignment furniture and decor. Our designers and stylists are experts at displaying items to sell in beautifully displayed vignettes so your items can be experienced, rather than just seen.

Absolutely, you may take back your item(s) at any point of the consignment process, up until your item has sold. Due to the store size, and volume of consignors, it is recommended that you call prior to picking up so your item(s) are ready for you when you arrive.

We operate strictly on a consignment basis. While we sometimes purchase corporate show samples or display items, at a bulk savings, we do not purchase merchandise from consigners outright. When we save on buying new current trends, we are able to provide more savings to our customers, and you can discover some fabulous finds!